The Story


At House of Anesi we believe that the body does not have to conform to the product; the product should adapt to the body. Keeping that in mind, our products are designed around the human form, embodying its natural characteristics and nuances. We pay attention to the details; the seemingly minute aspects of products that are often overlooked for the sake of manufacturing efficiency, and the bottom line.

Designed, engineered and expertly crafted with comfort in mind, our bras are manufactured to be effortless pieces, a beautiful composition of innovative elements. We understand the modern woman is one that wears many hats, she’s fearless; uncategorized and truly exceptional.

Our house believes in the story of the individual, the intricacies that make you, yourself. Our bra is crafted with this in mind, designed to adapt and move with you, it doesn’t ask to make its presence known, rather to be there, and make you feel just as you are; exceptional

We evolve to fit you, your body, your lifestyle.