Our Bra

By focusing on engineering fundamentals and user-centric design, we have solved several issues with the traditional bra.

The bra is an article of clothing that nearly all women have problems with. Statistics indicate that up to 76% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. We spoke with over 400 women and studied the lingerie industry to determine the root causes. We discovered the underlying issues causing discomfort was due to three reasons; First, breasts vary in size over the course of months due to natural hormonal changes within a woman’s body like period, birth control and menopause . Secondly, the traditional bra is made in standardized forms for manufacturing efficiency, but people don’t have standardized bodies, we have unique shapes. Due to this the traditional bra is simply unable to adapt and conform to these breast sizes. The third root cause is that it’s difficult to find a perfect bra especially when you have breasts that are in-between cup sizes. Many companies do not offer any options for them.

Our bras are designed to be a toning second skin, providing natural and comfortable support.