Our line of bras dynamically conform to breast and body shapes and changes, inherently reducing pain that occurs from wearing an ill fitting bra. We have redesigned the traditional bra with advanced performance fabrics, 3D flexible underwires and medical gel straps.



Fabrics are sourced by the leading producers of elastomeric kntted textiles with the expertise to develop and produce innovative textiles. 

Elastically differentiated fabric, which forms shapes in secrecy, our fabric combines a rigid part and an elastic part to become a discreet accomplice of the breast and body shape: very sheathing on the inside, on the outside the fabric masks the modeling action with a very beautiful jacquard effect, to mix with functionality and aesthetic brilliance!

Supersoft micro peachskin touch with invisible power zones. Anti-microbial and moisture transportation properties to be active and comfortable at the same time!


3D Wire Structure


We’ve replaced the traditional steel underwire with a 3D structure that is flexible and supportive. It’s designed to move with you, not against you.


Cooling Gel straps

Our straps are made out of a one-of-a-kind material that adapts like water and moulds uniquely to the contours of your shoulder and back.

Our straps help alleviate pressure and can distribute weight evenly on the shoulder, eliminating digging and red marks on your skin.