Frequently Asked Questions

How does the bra actually work?

The bra has 3 features that make it adapt to your breast size and reduce back pain. Dual compression zone fabrics and a 3D Flexi wire allow the bra to adapt up to two cup sizes. The band can stretch up to two inches, making it perfect for monthly hormonal changes, and the first trimester of pregnancy. Biocompatible gel straps can release pressure points, and therefore reduce back pain, making your experience wearing the Anesi bra even more comfortable.

When will I receive my order?

 Your order will arrive in April of 2019 depending on the country you ordered from. Please keep in mind that this is our expectation and timeline for 1000 bras. If we receive more orders (which will be amazing) the estimated delivery may change. Your T-shirts will arrive by December 2018.

How easy is it to figure out my size?

Extremely easy! We’ve worked with an experienced UK lingerie designer to create the Anesi fitting guide. Once you receive this, you’ll only need two measurements to find your perfect bra size. We also offer cup style recommendations, dependent on your breasts’ natural shape. If you need further help, our customer service reps will assist you step-by-step until we find the perfect bra size for you.

How many sizes do you offer?

              We offer sizes from a 30B to a 42I.

Do you offer any more colors other than black?

We want to be as inclusive as possible, so we will focus on adding sizes first, and then colours.

Will you be offering exchanges and returns?

 We are unable to offer a return policy during our Kickstarter campaign. However, we can offer an exchange if you need a different size, just as long as the bra has the tags attached, and is in its original packaging (US and Canada only). Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer an exchange policy on any international Kickstarter orders. Underwear, straps and T-shirts are all final sale.

Where do you manufacture the bras and the straps?

The Anesi bra and Anesi straps are designed in collaboration with an experienced UK lingerie designer and are manufactured in Tunisia. The factory in Tunisia was actually 1 out of 2 factories only who were able to make the Anesi bra, and wanted to change the standards of the lingerie industry as much as we did.

Where do you ship to?

 We offer international shipping! We've worked hard to try and find the best rates possible for our backers around the world.

Where do you manufacture the bras and the straps?

Please note that packages are subject to customs & duties based on the requirements of your country.

Where do you ship to?

 We did our best to find the most affordable shipping with insurance and tracking, but unfortunately shipping from Canada (where we are based) is quite expensive in comparison to the US or the UK.


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