The Bra Innovation

We’ve used innovative design, technical fabrics, and aerospace engineering to bring you the first bra of its kind.


The Anesi bra can adapt up to two cup sizes and up to 2 band sizes - and its available in 98 sizes!!!

The Anesi bra is 100% dedicated to bringing comfort and body positivity to women.
Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of what makes the Anesi bra unique.


The Anesi bra’s biggest secret
is our elastically differentiated fabric.
It combines rigid and elastic parts
to make invisible ‘power zones’
which adapt to your shape as it
naturally fluctuates.

No more gaping one day and overspilling
the next. Whatever time of the month
it is, the Anesi bra will always support you
and make you feel in control.

Moisture-wicking and anti
-microbial fabric means no more
boob-sweat or smelly bras, and
the micro peachskin touch is super
soft against your skin.


Our straps are made from a 
one-of-a-kind material that adapts 
like water and molds to the 
contours of your shoulders and back. 

No more awkward and uncomfortable strap
slipping or constant re-adjusting,
our straps distribute weight evenly on
the shoulder to alleviate pressure.

When you take off your bra at the end of the day, that’s the last you’ll see of it. No painful reminders on your skin, you can just be spectacularly, perfectly naked!


3D Wire Structure

Unlike traditional steel wires, our specially-created
3D underwire support structure is fully flexible.

No more painful digging, no red marks at the end of the day,
and no wires ‘popping through’ so your bra (and boobs!) stay safe.