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Anesi Demi Bra

Size Guide

The Anesi bra adapts up to 2 cups and 2 band sizes - to fit your ever-changing boobs every day of the month. 

The Anesi Bra combines cooling gel straps, advanced dual-compression fabric that is moisture-wicking & antimicrobial, and a 3D nylon lightweight support system designed for maximum comfort and support. 

Finally, a bra that's designed to fit your unique body!


*All sales are final, we don't offer any returns or exchanges. 

  • Step 1: When it’s time to wash your Anesi bra, be sure to use the supplied laundry bag. Make sure the clasps and hooks are snugly closed, this will keep everything from moving around too much and help in extending the longevity of your Anesi bra.

    Step 2: You can hand wash your bra if you feel like (it can be really therapeutic!) But just know that our fabrics are safe to use in the machine wash as long as you keep the temperature around 40C (104F). Be sure to avoid using any bleach.

    Step 3: Be sure to tumble dry on a low setting. This will help in maintaining the elasticity of the bra so it can support you for longer.

    Step 4: Be sure to avoid using any fabric softener! It can degrade the antimicrobial property of the Anesi bra.

    Step 5: Lastly, be sure to store your bra with love and enjoy it when it comes time to wearing.

    Note: Bras will last the longest when they are carefully hand-washed and hang dried, but we understand that this can be time-consuming and inconvenient! It’s completely up to you, we’ve done our best to make sure it’ll hold up nicely through multiple wash and dry cycles.


Bra Calculator

Bra Calculator

To get the perfect fit with your Anesi Bra. We make sure that everyone goes through our Sizing Calculator.

Sizing can range from brand-to-brand and is dependant on each garment, the materials, and the actual design. House of Anesi employs unique technology to fit your needs.

To determine your Anesi Bra size, you need to take proper measurement of your breast band and go through the questionnaire. Our smart calculator will prescribe you with your right size.