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House of Anesi's Story

May 09, 2019 1 Comment

House of Anesi's Story

You’ve heard the story before, I’m sure.

The one where an industrial engineer, an aerospace engineering grad, and a fashion communications graduate walk into a bra...

Nope, it’s not the start of a joke, but it was the beginning of our innovation journey.

When I first met Jacob John and Leen Al-Taher , it was 15th of  March 2015. We were thrown together by chance at a ‘reengineering fashion’ competition in at Ryerson’s Sandbox. We were challenged to re-engineering fashion. 

We decided to tackle bra design, and ended up winning the competition.
Afterwards, we couldn’t let it go; why wasn’t there a bra on the market that actually adapts to women’s bodies as they change?
We decided to make it happen.

Fast-forward to 2018, and when it comes to gender equality, sure there’s movement ‘in the right direction’, but since when is that actually good enough?

We believe that every woman has the right to start her day brimming with confidence. Worrying about ‘spilling out’, ‘wardrobe malfunctions’, or tender boobies when you’re hormonal is all bullshit that men don’t have to deal with, so why should we?

We don’t believe that back pain, red raw shoulders and painful underwire marks are a good way to end your day either. Frankly, women deserve better, and the current lingerie industry just doesn’t care about true comfort or empowerment.

Female bodies change all the time; whether it’s due to our menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause, weight loss and gain, or just getting turned on (hey, it happens!).

Ever wonder why your bra fits you fine one day, but you’re wrestling with it the next? Boobies are constantly fluctuating in size and shape, and we believe it’s just common sense that your bra should do the same.

That’s why we used engineering and tech to create a bra that actually takes care of your boobies, and your body, and treats them with the respect that they deserve.

The Anesi bra (Anesi means comfort in Greek, btw) is the first of its kind. We’ve used cooling gel straps, a unique 3D metal-free underwire, and elastically differentiated fabric that stays snug as your body changes, to create the world’s first truly ‘smart’ bra.
We’ve since won a stack of awards, gained press coverage in xyz, and feedback from x.
If you believe that women deserve to feel comfortable and empowered, maybe you should join our community. Click here to sign up, and be the first to get your hands on the most comfortable bra you’ll ever own >

Stephania x

Stephania Stefanakou
CEO & Co-founder

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December 04, 2019

2 questions

1) how well does this bra support during moderately strenuous exercise like jog/walk, skating, yoga, dance?

2) The sizing is different do you have any images of what the different sizes look like? A “G” cup for instance. I am not built like any of the models that are shown and I hesitate to spend the money without some idea of what my size looks like…34 G.


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Bra Calculator

Bra Calculator

To get the perfect fit with your Anesi Bra. We make sure that everyone goes through our Sizing Calculator.

Sizing can range from brand-to-brand and is dependant on each garment, the materials, and the actual design. House of Anesi employs unique technology to fit your needs.

To determine your Anesi Bra size, you need to take proper measurement of your breast band and go through the questionnaire. Our smart calculator will prescribe you with your right size.