Does the Anesi bra live up to the hype?

on August 05, 2018


anesi bra


It was back in May that Stephania and I met at an event in Toronto. I’d just pitched my copywriting services, and Steph had shared that she’d recently been *ahem* screwed over by a so-called content expert. We spent the next half-hour circling the room trying to track each other down, and since then I’ve been the house writer for all things Anesi.

Over the past 3 months, I’ve learned about tech-led fashion for the first time, I’ve got to know the founding team, I’ve shared their stories, their highs and lows, and can tell you inside out and back-to-front how the Anesi bra works, and why it’s amazing.

Last week though, was the first time that I *at last* got to try on an Anesi bra in my size. I was nervous - what if it didn’t hit the mark? What if it didn't fit me? What if it wasn’t comfortable?

I’ll be totally honest, I was blown away by what they've created. Here’s a quick run-down of what wowed me the most...

The fabric is SO smart - it uses dual-compression technology to adapt to your boobies as they change throughout your monthly cycle. No more quad-boob one day, and gaping the next, this baby flexes with your body. I’m a tad lop-sided (ok fine, a full cup size) so when I’m due on my period, my larger boob really struggles to stay put inside my regular bra. This bra stretches up to two cup sizes, so I’m *finally* properly accommodated. Win!

The underwire isn't actually a wire - which means it doesn't dig in or leave red marks behind, but you still feel shapely and supported. It's made of 3D-lightweight nylon and you don't even know it's there. For me, I really like the support of an underwire, but I’m pretty bony, and sensitive to anything digging in. Literally the best of both worlds, and worth every cringe pun about needing an aerospace engineer if you want to defy gravity (yep, Jacob’s basically an astronaut ICYMI).

The straps are the actual BOMB 💣 - they're made of a similar gel to the stuff that's in orthopaedic insoles and memory foam pillows. It moulds to your shoulder, cools your skin, distributing weight evenly, and yeah, basically you can kiss goodbye to red marks and annoying strap slipping. Once the Kickstarter’s live, I’m going to be getting myself a set of extra straps to improve my regular bras too.

The sizing is inclusive - this is a biggie for me. Most brands launch with 32-38 A-DD and prioritize different colours over actually fitting women. I’m so glad that these guys call bullshit on that, and are launching with a ton of sizes, from a 30B up to a 42I (yep, for reals - aren't they just the best?) It’s all well and good saying that you’re inclusive, but I’d love to urge more businesses to take actions that reflect that.

You can wear it every day - as an aspiring minimalist, I’ve been consciously trying to choose items for my wardrobe that work just as hard as I do! Not only does the Anesi bra flex to fit you every day of your cycle, but the fabric is moisture wicking and antimicrobial too. AKA I can wear it for sport, outdoorsy stuff, work, play and even just lounging around. Oh, and I won’t have to wash it as often either - now that’s what I’m talking about!

💛💸 Click here to buy your Anesi bra via Kickstarter right now at 35% off retail. ✌

anesi bra  

You can now pre-order the Anesi Bra 

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Katy Mansell-Carter is a copywriter and content marketing professional based in Toronto. She helps women-owned businesses find the right words to get their message heard. You can learn more about Katy here> 


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