Breasts Don’t Define Femininity – By Ethereal & Co.

on April 17, 2018

Breasts Don't Define Femininity

Words: Ethereal & Co.
Graphic: Magdalena Kincaid 


In 2018, many cultures associate breasts as a symbol of womanhood...

In 2018, many cultures associate breasts as a symbol of womanhood, being nurturing and sexuality. Breasts are said to be what makes a woman, a woman.

…But what if your breasts are unnoticeable because your cup size is petite?

…….Or if you’ve had your breasts removed for medical reasons?

…………Ah – and women who have large breasts are automatically more feminine, right? 


Throughout the generations, breasts have been given a sexual context, which has caused many women to feel “outted” and shameful of their chest size.

“Bigger boobs attract guys”

         “She only has bee stings”

“I can’t wear that because of my boob size”

At Ethereal & Co., we are tired of hearing these awful slurs. To counter them, we decided to come up with some ways you can embrace the chest you were born with:

1. Buy the CORRECT bra size.

It’s crazy how much wearing the right size on your chest can help your confidence. The problem is, your body changes, and you always find yourself having to buy new bras. This is the problem that House of Anesi is trying to solve! If you wear their bra, it’s engineered to fit YOUR body and the changes that come with it!

2. Don’t listen to what others say about YOUR body.

“Nobody knows you more than you know yourself” is one of my favorite quotes because it’s true! Nobody has a right to judge your body in ANY WAY, let alone your breasts. Tune out people who make comments on your breast size, and strunt whatever stuff you got (or don’t got), girlfriend! 

3.Name 3 things you like about your chest.

Naming things you like about your boobies can help you to learn to love them as they are – plain and simple.

4. Don’t compare yourself to others.

Once you start at this game, it’s hard to win. Everybody’s bodies are different and are made differently. Just love the body you’re in and practice some self-care if you start comparing yourself.


About the author

Ethereal & Co. is a Canadian women-run company based in Guelph, Ontario. Their goal is to speak out on self-love, self-care, mental health, politics, and feministic equality issues through weekly blog posts and daily Instagram updates. Their efforts are to encourage others to become their best selves through empowerment, mindfulness, and personal growth.



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