Can I download the latest update for my bra?

on April 17, 2018

World of Bra

Words: Kirah Wilson
Photo: Pablo Heimplatz

One of the greatest attributes of our society today is the accessibility and advancement of modern technology.

Need a ride? There’s an app for that. Want to hear that new Drake song? You can download it instantly. Looking to try out a new recipe for dinner tonight? Google has you covered.  All the information and services we could ever need are literally right at our fingertips. 

So then why, as a woman, do I feel like my bra was made in the 19th century? 

Why is it that no matter what style of bra I try on they all give me the same issues?

If the straps aren’t digging into my shoulders then they are falling off. My breasts are either drowning in the cups or spilling out of them. That cute racerback tank I just bought? Not happening as it turns out it doesn’t fully cover my racerback bra straps. Just as I’m going to reach up to that top shelf for a wine glass my entire bra decides to come along for the ride up and over my breasts. What’s that sharp pinching in the middle of my chest?! Oh, great my underwire just popped through the fabric. 

And I’m SO ready to get this death trap off after my twelve-hour shift.
And the worst part of all this bra drama starts right at the beginning, in the lingerie store fitting room, with the poor lighting and fitting room attendant knocking on the door asking if you need a different size. 

How many of us have walked into that high-end undergarment store, found the perfect fitting, sexiest bra for $85 and then wore it the next day only to find that you somehow walked out of that store with a medieval breast contraption?

If you are a woman who wears a bra then I’ll bet my bottom dollar you can relate to all of the above.  And the worst part is I have only just begun to cover the realities women face when wearing “modern day” bras. 

Why must women have to wear something so uncomfortable and restricting?

Sure, there are alternatives but they don’t even begin to solve the problem. Sports bras take away the natural feminine curve of my body.  And how am I supposed to cover those 3 inch thick straps? Bralettes are comfy and all, but too laid back for my professional office job. Going braless? Let’s be real, I need some kind of support.

I really don’t feel as if I’m asking for too much here. To put it simply, I want a bra that fits to my body and supports all the different movements I make throughout the day. I want a bra with fabric that is so soft and smooth that it feels like a second layer of skin on my body. I want a bra that fits well under all my shirts, no matter what style they are. I want a bra that doesn’t suffocate my body or force me to constantly adjust it with every reach and bend I make. I want a bra that is made with quality and the understanding that every woman is different, everybody is different.

Society and technology move fast, and I think it’s time that women’s bras and undergarments catch up with them.

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About the author
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