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Appreciating Your Boobies 101 Event

May 20, 2019

Appreciating Your Boobies 101 Event

The time has come to start a positive relationship with your breasts! We want all women to accept and love the bodies they have, including their breasts - whatever shape and size they are! It’s your body, your breasts and it’s time to fall in love with appreciating your boobies!


ALL BREASTS ARE BEAUTIFUL - so let’s have an event to celebrate them!

Join us for a very special and fun night! Be a part of a unique fireside chat with Dr. Hillary Webster, Monique Bryan, Sarah Rennick, Zaina Moussa, Jalisa Luces-Mendes and Sarah McVie, talking about breast health, breast cancer, gender identity, hormones and why society's standards have influenced the way women view and love their boobs.

Together we will provide a safe space to discuss all things related to women’s health, hormones, breast cancer, hormonal therapy, gender transition, and society body and breast stigmas. Breast health is an important topic for us and through this event, we want to bring awareness to it. Come join us to normalize these important conversations.


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Bra Calculator

Bra Calculator

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