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6 Top tips to make bra shopping a shade less hideous

by Leen Al-Taher on July 24, 2018


Shopping for a bra hardly ever goes to plan. Just like when you go to specifically buy new jeans, and suddenly none of the jeans in the entire world fit you properly or make you feel good (which is weird, because they all fitted great that time you went window-shopping when you were skint) buying a bra can leave you wanting to scream into the abyss.


Check out our top tips to make your bra shopping a less excruciating process.

1. Wear your damn pyjamas for a start - ...or sweatpants, or kimono, or whichever loose, comfortable clothing is going to be easiest to pull over your head ten thousand times in one day. Leave the heavy makeup and hairspray for another day, and take a hair tie on your wrist for when your hair goes all static and starts sticking to your face.



2. Do NOT, under any circumstances, go when you’re due on - It’s basic self-care, babe. Getting a stranger to prod and measure your tender, swollen and pissed-off PMS boobies is a recipe for tears and tantrums. When your oestrogen levels are climbing during the first two weeks of your cycle is your prime time to go in to battle feeling fresh.



3. Take a friend / mom / sister - When picking your ally, obviously you want someone patient and understanding, but also think about inviting a pal with a similar chest. Those “Oww I wish I had big boobs like you” whinges are really going to grate on you as you feel like you’re going to fall out of plunge bra number three, and “Oh you’re soooo lucky to be small-chested” might tip you over the edge when there’s not enough gel in the world to help you fill that top.



4. Set clear boundaries with your fitter - we’ve all encountered that one brisk bra fitter who thinks she’s a school nurse from the eighties. Most are much more gentle and accommodating these days, but if having a stranger touch your breasts or see you undressed makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s ok to set some boundaries. Asking if your mom/friend/sister can hold the tape, or come in the fitting room with you is totally ok.



5. Laugh and laugh hard - when you’re standing in your 7th fitting room of the day, and it feels like every bra you touch magically shrinks as soon as it touches your skin, like the world’s most rubbish superpower, girl you gotta laugh. Fake it til you make it, get your ally to watch this laughter yoga tutorial before you head out so they know the drill.

Even if laughing doesn’t make you feel genuinely better, that little endorphin rush should be enough of a boost to get out of the fitting room without having a meltdown. 


6. Go home when you’re done - and by done, we don’t mean ‘mission accomplished’ (although if you do accomplish, then power to you) but done with it. You didn’t fail, the stars just weren’t aligned this time. Go home, get snacks, have a cool shower, read your book, watch a movie, rant to your flatmate - whatever you need to do to melt away the stress is good by us!



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About the Author

Katy Mansell-Carter is a copywriter and content marketing professional based in Toronto. She helps women-owned businesses find the right words to get their message heard. You can learn more about Katy here> 

by none on July 25, 2018

My goodness.
These models are not wearing the correct bra size. The fit is horrible. The bra technology tries to hide all of that, but it just looks so bad. It screams amateur

by anonymous on July 24, 2018

your models are wearing ill-fitting bras. you really need a professional fitter or get better professional fitter(s) if you already have one.


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