5 of the best apps to track your menstrual cycle

on July 12, 2018

We’re not smaller men, we’re women. We’re different in that we’re cyclical, and we need to embrace that

At our recent event, Dr Jennah Miller put it beautifully: “We’re not smaller men, we’re women. We’re different in that we’re cyclical, and we need to embrace that.”

Once you get to know your cycle, not only do you get to practice regular self-care and intuition, but it also becomes easier to check yourself for breast irregularities and identify early signs of cancer. You’re more likely to notice that you’re pregnant, you can manage (or at least understand) your mood swings, anticipate changes in breast tenderness or size, and make sure there’s ice cream in the freezer for when you *need* it.

Here’s our round-up of the best apps to try with, and see what works for you.

1. Flo

    iPhone: Free
    Android: Free

Flo App best app for tracking period

Look past their cookie-cutter photography and you’ll find the number one data-driven period tracker in the app store. The more you use it, the smarter it gets, and over time, Flo can even help you predict your period if you’re not regular. Extra kudos for their campaign to end the stigma around menstruation; Let’s talk about it. Period.


2. Period Tracker 

    iPhone: Free
    Android: Free

Period Tracker app

The highest rated menstrual cycle tracker won’t win any prizes for a creative name, but there’s no denying it does exactly what it says on the tin! With a cutesy design and ‘discreet’ reminders to take your pill and buy sanitary products, it’s probably not the most progressively-minded app out there, but it’s free, and it does the job.


3. Eve by Glow 

    iPhone: Free
    Android: Free

Eve by Glow sex positive period tracker app From the team behind Glow fertility app, Eve is a sex-positive and educational period tracker, with beautiful modern design. Alongside an easy-to-use tracker, you’ll find trusted info on STDs and contraception, tools for understanding your libido, and a positive community of like-minded women to share your PMS and sex tips with.


4. Groove 

    iPhone: Free
    Android: Free

Groove app to track period Finally, one that isn’t pink! We love the ‘no gender stereotypes, no assumptions’ ethos behind the Groove period tracker; it’s the perfect antidote to the focus on fertility and libido at the forefront of many other apps. A great choice if your goal is simply to get in touch with your body. Check out their Humans with Periods project, which celebrates truth and vulnerability, with stories from ED recovery to LGBTQ+ menstruation.


5. Hormonology

    iPhone: Free
    Android: Free

App to focus on hormones and understanding how they impact your moods

With a focus on hormones, and understanding how they impact your moods, urges and energy levels, this is a great choice of app for you if you’re looking to embrace your femininity on every level. Not one, but actually six app options; including one for your partner, to fill them in on your hormone levels so that they can support you when you need it.

So, whether you’re looking to conceive, understand your hormones, or simply accept yourself for who you are, there’s a period tracker app out there for you. Search in your app store for an app that you’re comfortable with, and that suits your needs. You got this.



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