Woman Crush Wednesday: Vera Papisova


Our Woman Crush Wednesday series are our opportunity to applaud women for their truth, integrity, vulnerability and passion.

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Vera Papisova. She does features at Teen Vogue, and runs their award-winning sexual assault awareness campaign #NotYourFault .


Not only did Vera recognise a gap in the publication and launch the digital wellness arm of features for Teen Vogue in 2016, but her commitment to empowering young women, an speaking out on their behalf is unwavering. In April 2018, her viral piece Sexual Harassment was rampant at Coachella 2018 highlighted that 100% of the 54 women she interviewed during the event reported experiencing sexual harassment. Papisova herself was groped an eye-watering 22 times whilst reporting on the story, and she’s since received an onslaught of online harassment and trolling. 



Does that stop her though? Well, no. When she’s not teaching teenagers about consent, and autonomy over their own bodies, she’s supporting school shooting survivors, and campaigning for proper PTSD care.

Long story short; we can’t get enough of her dedication to understanding, affirmative and real reporting, and the impact it’s having on young women. 


Comfort goes beyond the physical. Your shoes may rub, and your underwear may pinch, but that’s nothing compared to the discomfort of being paid less than a man for doing the same job, or being catcalled in the street.

Papisova teaches teens to feel autonomous in their own skin, and to use their voice to challenge the status quo; we see these as the first steps towards bringing true comfort to every aspect of a woman’s life.


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Katy Mansell-Carter is a copywriter and content marketing professional based in Toronto. She helps women-owned businesses find the right words to get their message heard.

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